About The Happy Colour Shop

Nice to meet you!

My name is Fanni and welcome to The Happy Colour Shop.

From as far back as I can remember I have always had a love for colour. Not just one colour but allll the COLOURS. When I was six, I used to meticulously fill in my colouring-in books making sure I left the skin tones till very last as I believed this would finally bring my characters to life. My love for stationery grew at an equal rate with what seemed like an endless supply (at the time) of colourful pens, pencils, paints and notebooks gifted to me by my parents for Christmas’ and Birthdays. 

When I was eleven, I distinctly remember drawing a vibrant multi-coloured Cheshire cat with oil pastels on black paper, that my Mother proudly displayed in her office. When she got home from work she would tell me about all the lovely comments she received about my drawing and how it brought a smile to the faces of all who saw it. This made me smile from ear to ear… (yes, a bit like a Cheshire cat too, I guess) but it also made me happy that I could bring joy to others through my art.

I've since been honoured to have worked as a graphic designer and photographer for many amazing clients and independent businesses from around the world. I’ve created personal projects that went on to being internationally exhibited, like my ‘Pantone Colour Series’ at the Daelim Design Museum in Seoul, Korea and designing my own lifestyle magazine called Dashing. After receiving many comments from sharing my work on social media, it got me thinking about how I could once again bring joy and happiness to people’s lives through my art. 

And so… The Happy Colour Shop was born.

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